Analysis of Public Feedback on Renewing Riverview Web-based Survey
Monday, January 4, 2016

A survey was conducted by BC Housing over the winter months of late 2014-early 2015. Through the website, people were asked to rate the illustrations prepared at the 2014 fall input sessions for Renewing Riverview where artists captured people’s ideas for various activities and uses at Riverview.

Elaine Golds of the BMN has undertaken a detailed analysis of the complete list of participant responses (as posted to the Renewing Riverview website).
Her analysis can be viewed by
clicking here.

or click here for pdf

Read a short summary of what is wrong with the BC Housing vision results: click here

As a Society we were very disappointed with the BC Housing document,
lets stop market housing & commercial construction that is not directly related to Mental Health issues.

The type of development BC Housing is proposing would be the eventual death of the trees in our World Class Arboretum. This type of development has no place on these lands. Why can the government not be forward thinking & see that our needs as a society will only multiply over the years. Our need for mental health space & a space where these beautiful old trees in a parklike setting can become a place for all to enjoy the serenity.
Once it is gone it can NEVER be replaced. How would Vancouver feel if they started to build a complete Community in Stanley Park?

Not enough time to read the very long Report?
Have a look at this 1 page of possible comments to submit or use as a starter for your own comments.

The future (or the destruction) of Riverview?
January 7, 2016: Greens Scene-Elaine Golds-Tricity News

It is important that each of us express our opinion while critical decisions are still to be made. Once again, we need to send a message that the Riverview Lands should remain in public ownership and accessible, that they should continue to be dedicated to the needs of the mentally ill,
and that the Heritage Trees, Buildings, and Landscapes should be preserved.

In the past, people have spoken strongly against market housing on the Riverview site - we hope the provincial government is listening as an important ecological, horticultural, and historical treasure would be lost forever.  We can’t allow this to happen.
Stay current and Ready to Act for the Riverview Site.

You might feel you have submitted similar comments many times before (and, hopefully, you have!). But remember, BC Housing’s strategy is to “consult with the public” until the point of exhaustion as they hope that eventually, people will stop submitting comments. At that point, they could declare that, having heard no negative comments, everyone must approve of what they want to do! Thus, we must be relentless in sending comments to them! Silence on our part could lead to the loss of the Riverview we know, love and value.


Presented to BC Housing & the Renewing Riverview Consultants:

2014 COQUITLAM Health Campus:
The City of Coquitlam retained Dr. John Higenbottam to translate their long-held vision for the Riverview Lands as a place for healing and caring into required programs, services and associated facilities.
The result is the creation of Into the Future: The Coquitlam Health Campus

BC Housing Visioning Process
To View what BC HOUSING is Planning - go to RENEWINGRIVERVIEW.COM

Heritage Canada Foundation Releases
2012 Top Ten Endangered Places -

- Riverview top of list for the 2012
The Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) June 27 released its Top Ten Endangered Places and Worst Losses Lists drawing attention to architectural and heritage sites in Canada either threatened with demolition or already lost.
June 27, 2012 - The Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) has released its Top Ten Endangered Places and Worst Losses Lists drawing attention to architectural and heritage sites in Canada either threatened with demolition or already lost. The Endangered Places List, compiled from nominations received as well as from news items that HCF has been following and reporting on throughout the year from west to east.- Tricity News

Val Adolph has written a very imformative article in the 'BC History Magazine'
To Read a Preview of the Article click here

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Please see Appreciating the Heritage of Riverview Hospital,
an article published in Elaine Golds’ biweekly columnin the TriCity News on May 4, 2012

Stay current and Ready to Act for the Riverview Site.
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