Finnie's Garden

A Hidden Treasure at Riverview

* Finnie's Garden started in 1951, as a place where people who lived at Riverview would be able to play outdoors, and enjoy working with growing things.
* Art Finnie, a nurse, and former logger, farmer and navy veteran, who had suffered a head injury the year before, was asked to set up a garden, originally known as "Farm View".
* Plans were drawn up by a draftsman patient, and these were gradually developed. In a report Art Finnie wrote that it was the best therapy for the patients that they could have had. To this day some of the patients find therapy by working and relaxing in the gardens, and enjoying the fruits of their labours.
* Trees have grown up, so that the sun does not reach as far back in the garden as the plans indicate it did. Some lovely lilacs remain, and continue to flourish. New trees have been planted, including more fruit trees.

* Today we can still see the fish pond, stone terraces, flower beds, plots for different wards, and lawns, shown in the original plans. Volunteers from the Riverview Horticultural Centre Society a.k.a. "Friends of Finnie's" clean up the overgrowth on the steps and walls, to show their unique beauty, and the craftsmanship that created them. The flower beds have debris removed, and some old fashioned perennials are planted.
* Naturescape gardening has been the method used for many years on the site. Native plants & shrubs are donated by developers & other friends. Naturescaping Conserves water and reduces pesticide and other chemical use, gardening with native plants creates a more natural wildlife habitat and ecosystem within an urbanized area
* Many areas have become habitat for small animals and birds, and some not so small animals, such as a family of deer who use the green corridor. Burke Mountain Naturalists (BMN), have created a brochure listing species seen in the area.
* Some years ago the garden was dedicated as "Finnie's Garden", to the delight of Mr. Finnie. He died in 1998. As a memorial to him RHCS has planted two white lilacs, and a heritage apple tree.
* Do take the time to enjoy this garden. Once you have found it you will return many times. Just remember that you are sharing it with the patients for, and by whom it was originally created.

It was reported recently that some people started a bonfire at Finnies. Fortunately Security got there in time to put it out and move the people along. They may have come back that night and started another fire. This is very dangerous in this area. Please report to SECURITY if you see anyone building a fire.

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